Monday, February 3, 2014

February is here!

 Welcome February! Finally the worst of Winter seems over(at least here!) and we have Spring to look forward to. The air seems softer, more and more birds are starting to sing and the first daffodils are popping up in the grass. I cannot tell you how relieved I feel because the days are getting longer. Can't wait for Spring to arrive!

January always seems like a month of breathing in and breathing out again. You know what I mean? After the hectic Holiday times, the darkness and the cold, and all the new resolutions, giving everybody the best wishes for 2014(even the people you'd rather slap in the face. Which in fact I secretly imagine myself doing as I shake hands. Ha!) life gets back to normal. F or as far as that's possible anyway. was January? Well...
* We ate cupcakes and caramels on coffee dates. Because there's almost nothing a good coffee can't fix. Let alone cupcakes!
* I had to pull out more than half of my knitting because I made a mistake. My fox sweater is coming along nicely though. I'm almost finished with the knitting before I can start working on the fox pattern that will be on the front. There's nothing better than knitting the cold nights away! I've now even reached the point where I can just sit and watch movies while knitting. It doesn't always work out well though, hence the mistake I made!
* We enjoyed Pebbels company even more after we had to let go of our 16-year old so sad....We gave him a nice cat funeral with flowers, last kisses and cuddles and lots of tears.
 R.I.P. Kasper 22 jan 2014. I miss you, buddy!
* We made shadows on walls with Lego Chima. I am amazed by how easliy he seems to build these Legend creatures at the age of five when the box states it's suitable for ages 7 up! I don't have to help at all. He just grabs the intsruction manual and starts building. He's doing so well at scholl with the highest possible scores on tests, that the teachers decided to challenge him more with extra mathematics and starting reading already. I guess I won't have to mention how proud I am of that!
* The girl and I performed on stage! For me, it was the very first time and although I felt pretty nervous, I'm proud I did it. My daughter did great and I think I did well too on my contemporary dancing. At least I feel I did the best I could! Funny, how my mind seemed to shut down and the music and my body took over making the movements.
* I had a first try at spinning a thicker yarn. It's not even yet, but it looks very soft and fluffy which was what I was aiming for. It's still waiting to get dyed some hot pink, yellow and turquoise!
 And I worked some more on the art journal for my spinning course. What if?
* I scored some nice black boots.
And a very girly pocket mirror. Sometimes a girl's just gotta treat herself to something nice, right?
* I found that drawing patterns can be very soothing for the mind. And it wasn't as difficult as I imagnied it would be. You should try!

Monday, January 6, 2014

The new Year is here

2014. A new Year has arrived. After a dark November and December, it's time to look forward, to rest, to find balance, to look forward to Spring. The end of a year and the beginning of a new one also is a time to stop and take time to reflect, make new plans and set new goals. This post is a new start in hopefully more regular blogging again, a post full of photos, a post full of old memories and new exciting journeys.
 Christmas 2013 was a good one. We dressed up, had a great dinner at my sister's, enjoyed family time together, and took time to relax. The best thing was the fact that time no longer ruled our days, so we had quite of few 'pajama' days, which meant we walked around the house in our pajamas until late in the afternoon, just crafting and chillin' the days away.
 The weather during our Christmas break was a-ma-zing! No ice, snow or cold winds! Instead it felt like Spring at times, so we found ourselves making lots of roadtrips, discovering new places and taking long walks.
Lots of roadtrips involved coffee dates. Happiness! 
Of course I did lots of crafting as well; crocheting hats and bear scarfs, knitting my fox swetare, dyeing yarn, spinning yarn with my tarot deck as inspiration, and a first try a book binding. There sure is more to come on that! It was great fun to bind a book, and with all the tutorials out there it was easy-peasy. Might even start selling these handmade journals in a few.
 Speaking of new journeys, I've spent lots of hours studying the tarot. I've been interested in tarot ever since my early twenties, but due to life it became less and less important. For some reason it crossed my path again and I picked up on it. I've been doing daily reading for myself, reading books and collecting different tarot decks, and was amazed by the accurate readings I've been getting. I love tarot so much, I'll be starting a personal blog on tarot called Moonlit Tarot in a few weeks, so if you're interested please pay me a visit there! The blog is now under construction, but I'll keep you posted!
 And to wrap things up, here's my last selfie of 2013. I want to thank you readers for visiting my blog regularly in the past year and I wish you all the best for 2014 and don't forget the smaller things will be the big ones in the end!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall 2013

I'm not going to start this post be saying how much I hate Fall. Then again, I just did...It's funny how this time, Fall seems to sneak by faster than usual. Maybe it is because we haven't had any real cold weather yet, maybe because we experienced an attempted break-in, maybe because I have other things on my mind, maybe because I've embarked on some new journeys.
 This beauty was added to my ever growing Alice in Wonderland book collection. It's a pop-up book with the most amazing dreamy illustrations. I found it on the internet while searching for Alice in Wonderland inspired images for my upcoming Alice in Wonderland half-sleeve tattoo. The story of Alice has always been one of my favourite ones. The theme of growing up, growing stronger and dealing with the changes that come with it, the story of having dreams, is beautifully told in a fairytale-like manner. I keep reading it over and over. It's all a dream!
 Even our cats took things easy on stormy days. Cuties! They seem to be sleeping most part of the day and I envy them, because I feel so so very tired.
 Chocolate + strong coffee = Choco-espresso. Chocolate is always good, so is coffee, so this combination....well, it was great to say the least.
 On the warmest October day(23degrees Celsius!) ever, there was an invasion of ladybugs! Needless to say bugs freak me out, but ladybugs are the cute ones.
 Love it when people make a little effort to make you enjoy a coffee even more.
 Last dandelion of the season.
 And rain at times.
 Fall leafs everywhere.
 And lost feathers.
 Cloudy skies...
 And sharing a cardi with kitty. YES, I'm tired. Can you tell? ;)
And sharing a box of puzzle pieces with the rascal of the house. And after a whole night of putting all the pieces together, she took a leap and used the green cloth as a slide. Took the puzzle with her in her flight which resulted in this:
 More leafs...
And our favourite shoes: sneakers!

How's your Fall? Is it your favourite season, or would you rather enjoy Spring or Summer? What do you do during those long evenings and cold days? Let me know!